Job title: DevOps Engineer 开发 & 运维工程师
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Skills: DevOps
Salary type: Monthly
Salary from: SGD $5,000.00
Salary to: SGD $8,000.00
Location: Singapore
Job published: 02/12/2022
Job ID: 32319

Job Description

The role

  • Participate in the architecture design and development of container platform, improve system stability and delivery efficiency.
  • Develop basic service components, solve common requirements, reduce repetitive development and operation and maintenance.
  • Participate in the daily K8S operation and maintenance work in the in-depth analysis and solution of difficult problems.
  • Conduct new technology research, with a focus on identifying industry’s cutting-edge technology and promote the application of suitable technology to production.
  • Propose optimization suggestions for existing systems.

The requirements

  • More than 3 years of experience in system operation and maintenance, proficient in Linux operating system;
  • Familiar with Golang/Python/shell at least one development language, able to use the language to write operation and maintenance scripts;
  • Familiar with Redis, ZooKeeper, Nginx, Kafka, hbase and other tools installation and configuration management
  • Familiar with Ansible automated operation and maintenance tools;
  • Familiar with the basic components of K8S container orchestration, including but not limited to prometheus, grafana, efk, traefik, jenkins, helm;